Why Do I Need to Stretch Paper?

As a beginner many get confused about stretching paper, what does it involve and why would you need to stretch paper?

Why Stretch Paper?

Stretching paper gives a perfectly flat surface on which to work and your paper won’t buckle when you use watercolour or other water-based media.

Paper is usually stretched for watercolour work but it is useful for any media as papers of less than 250gsm usually buckle.  Paper doesn’t always buckle it depends on the amount of water you use and how much the paper has to absorb and the type of paper.  It is always best to stretch paper to ensure a non-buckled perfectly flat surface.

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Why You Should Fall in Love with Art

As we have just had Valentines Day, I thought it would be very topical to write a post above love, the love of art.  One way to guarantee that you will continue to develop your drawing and painting is to fall in love with it.  Maybe your relationship with art is love-hate!

How can I fall in love with art?  If you allow it and stick with it drawing and painting can be a great source of joy, contentment and satisfaction.  Here are some reasons why you should start your love affair with drawing and painting:

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