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Do I need an Art Class to Learn to Draw?

This is an interesting question, as many people will have different opinions on this.  Of course you can teach yourself to draw and there are plenty of resources out there to help you learn.  Some of us won’t be able to join a class for various reasons, I  have a Resources  page to help out those of you in this position.

Personally I feel that a real art class is the best way to learn if you can get to one because there are so many benefits from this type of learning:

Learning with and from others 

There is a lot that we can learn on our own, but there is even more that we can learn from being around others.  The learners in my classes learn not just from me and all my experience, but from each other.  There is something very supportive about being with a group of like-minded people and learning together. Creativity flows in these types of groups where you can see others creating and learn from what they are doing. There is always something we can learn from someone so in a whole class setting you have plenty of people to learn from.


Some of us are able to draw regularly but it is a lot easier when you have a class to go to. Going to an art class gives you the time and space for art, this is hard when you are at home with so many other distractions.

Experience and Skills

A good Art Tutor will have lots of experience, knowledge and skills to share with you and this can speed up the process of learning.  If your tutor has taught many learners it is very likely they have seen all the pitfalls that beginners can trip up on.  It is also very likely that they understand the process of  learning to draw and paint as they themselves have experienced it and taken many learners through it.

Making Friends

It is quite likely that you will make some friends in an art class so even when the course ends you will have one or two ‘drawing buddies’ to carry on drawing with.  I see this in my classes often, I have a group of ex-learners who regularly meet up, sketch and visit art galleries together, how wonderful!

2 thoughts on “Do I need an Art Class to Learn to Draw?

  1. You DO paint a lovely picture of an art class in which *students* become friends in and later outside of class. You might also mention how an instructor/teacher could be wise to outside contacts which may help a student find studio/display space or a job. From my own personal experience, though, I was not so fortunate in my youth. Some day I may yet try an adult gathering/group of this sort.

    I have been slapping people over the topic of art classes for years. I slap those who say they can’t draw, motivating them to try. And, I slap those who seem to think art class/school is the only way to learn/get anywhere. I have taken a number of art classes that did nothing for me other than frustrate and disappoint me. I saw a video once of a man saying artists teach themselves. And, for a long time, I have put down art classes. But, there is potential in them. There is a chance one will be very good for many reasons. We just have to keep that hope alive and keep drawing/creating.

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