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4 Inspiring Locations to Draw

Drawing on location is important because it gets us out of the comfortable studio, home or classroom and makes us observe the world around us.  Of course there are some practicalities with drawing on location to consider, such as the weather! However it is well worth it and you don’t have to only draw when you are on holiday or trips, there are lots of things to observe all around us everyday.

Here are some ideas of places that I have enjoyed drawing and why, however you should draw wherever your own interests take you.

Shopping Malls

These are interesting places to observe people and structures.  People are generally on the move in these places and don’t notice being observed so they are good places to try out the skills of the ‘quick sketch’.  They are also great if you are interested in capturing movement in the figure or wanting to try to achieve more movement in your drawings.

The structures of shopping malls are also good for observing angles, perspective and reflections.  Scale and viewpoints are also factors you can study in shopping malls as often you can observe from above and below because most have levels.


If you like drawing flowers and plants then it makes sense to go to gardens and draw.  I like to draw in my own garden but visiting other gardens is always inspiring because of the different shapes, colours and textures.  There are also more opportunities for ‘landscapes’ and different compositions as the gardens are on a bigger scale.

Drawing in gardens
Drawing in gardens


Markets are always very interesting although they can be challenging to draw because they are fast moving and busy places full of people.  They are great for capturing lively scenes of colour and movement.  A good place to try out your ‘quick sketch’ skills and capture movement.

You may like to draw some of the objects you find at the market, I am always attracted to the fruit and vegetable stalls because of the fantastic array of colours and textures.

Public Transport 

Trains are good for observing people at fairly close range and usually being still. Often commuters are busy reading a newspaper or looking at their phones and won’t notice being sketched. All walks of life can be found on public transport which makes them interesting places to sketch people.  A great place to try out the ‘quick sketch’ and capture expressions, although this is challenging!

Where do you like to draw?  Share your ideas for places to go on location below…

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