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Before you Sign Up for the Art Class

I thought I would write this post as I have come to realise that learners often don’t know what to expect from an art course or art class.  I offer some advice that will make the starting of an art class or course less of a gamble.

I teach a range of learners from all walks of life, some of whom haven’t been in education or any type of classroom for 40 years!  Therefore it is understandable that many are a bit tense about the experience of starting a class so I am hoping that the advice I give might ease some of the anxiety involved.

Do Your Research 

It often surprises me how little learners either know about the course and say ‘I wasn’t expecting the course to be like this’.  It is sensible to have found out the content of the course and if it involves drawing, painting or anything else. Sometimes descriptions can be vague by the organisations that advertise the course, if this is the case it might be worth asking if you can get in touch with the tutor and ask more questions.

Make sure you know the basics of what the course will cover

Do find out the basics; how long the course is, how long each session is, if there will be homework/coursework, if it is accredited (a qualification course or not) and if you have to buy materials. Most tutors should be happy to talk to you about the course as they often want to know that you they have the right type of learners who are going to get the most out of the experience.

A basic painting course typically covers colour theory

Be Honest

If you are really scared and feel tense about showing your work or trying new things it wouldn’t hurt to tell the tutor.  As a tutor with some experience I am well aware how intimidated many complete beginners are in the first few sessions.  It takes much bravery to sign up for a course if you haven’t done any art since school, or ever in some cases.

Most good tutors with experience will be aware of this and should make you feel at ease.  I much prefer it if learners speak to me about how they feel rather than hide uncomfortable feelings. Expect to feel a bit out of your depth if it’s a new subject, this is okay! Give it time, I remember how strange it felt to be at art college after doing A-Levels.  It felt alien to be cutting up cardboard and doing really creative things after two years of text books, at first I was unsure but grew to love it.

It may feel strange at first just being in the art studio

Ask Yourself What You Want to Achieve

The few learners that have been disappointed by courses or classes, often haven’t really known what they were looking for.  One learner complained that she didn’t expect to have to draw things from life, another complained that she didn’t want to spend anything on art materials. Often the ideas of these learners are formed from ideas of what art was like at school. Education has changed a great deal, it is very rare that there is any art course where materials are free and provided in unlimited quantities these days. Don’t go in with preconceived ideas.

Have you got preconceived ideas about the art class?

Be Open to the New 

Do you just want to draw and paint what you want?  Most of us do, but if you don’t want to do class activities you might want to rethink if an art club rather than an art class is best for you.

Art Class activities might be something new for you
Art class activities might be something new for you

Some Things are A Given 

There will be variations in art courses because they are taught by different tutors who will have different styles and interests.  Having said this you would expect most drawing courses to cover the basic drawing skills like observational drawing, shape, proportion, tone etc.  You would expect most painting courses to give you an introduction to the paint media, techniques and cover colour mixing if you are on a beginners course.  Although there may not be a formal critique most art courses have some form of sharing work with others, you will need to be prepared to show your work to others.

You should be prepared to show your work in the art class

In my experience another given seems to be a mixture of abilities even when courses are for ‘complete beginners’ there will be learners who have some experience or talent.  I think people generally play down their talents and experience on art classes, telling me they are a complete beginner and then strangely knowing everything about a topic. Prepare yourself for people of differing abilities and not let that concern you, don’t compare yourself!

New Experiences

Going to an art class is a wonderful experience, there will be different people on it, be prepared to mix and speak to others, you don’t have to be best buddies but if you are sociable you will gain much more.  Some of my learners make long-term friends in my art classes and this is great to see!

Be open to the activities that are offered, you can be sure that most tutors have carefully thought through learning objectives.  There is usually a good reason why you are doing an activity, usually to learn something specific.  Some adult learners can question everything a tutor does, this can be healthy however some trust in the tutor is necessary.

Do you have any advice for others who might be starting art courses this September?  Share below…


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