Why Should I Take Part In Drawing Challenges?

What is a drawing challenge and should I do them?  In a word yes, drawing is a must on a regular basis if you wish to improve your drawing and painting.  It doesn’t matter what you draw, just draw! Drawing challenges are great because they make you draw things that perhaps you wouldn’t to start with.  The idea of a drawing challenge is that you can do it with other people and it gives you a goal to work towards.

Where Can I Find Drawing Challenges?

A quick Google search came up with several and many drawing and painting forums run challenges which you can take part in. I have taken part in the Illustration Friday challenges in the past at:  http://illustrationfriday.com but there are plenty of others!

I set a Christmas Drawing Challenge for my learners over the holidays, it’s fun and a way to not get out of the drawing habit.

Take part in a drawing challenge!

Can you share some drawing challenges that you have taken part in? Why not take the Christmas Drawing Challenge and let me know how you got on with it?


4 thoughts on “Why Should I Take Part In Drawing Challenges?

  1. They certainly bring you out of your comfort zone! So far I’ve only participated in a few Art Prof Art Dares (www.artprof.org). As they’re set monthly there’s less pressure, and the briefs are so varied, from an observed drawing in a specific media to an open conceptual brief. They’re definitely worth a go.

  2. I did Inktober this year for the first time.

    Stuck to the prompt list and whilst it was undoubtedly challenging to do 31 consecutive daily ink drawings it was very rewarding to know you were part of a massive worldwide group doing the same.

    Very rewarding and I’d imagine if you didn’t draw regularly before but managed the whole month then potentially would instill a new habit to your life.

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