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Do I Have To Know About Art History To Do Art?

Of course you don’t have to know anything about art history to do practical art but it certainly helps.  Usually by doing art you can’t help but learn about art history anyway because you are looking at other artists work from the past and present.  There are many benefits in understanding art and art history can help us to do that, here are five good reasons to know more about art history…

Learning From The Past 

Just in terms of the practical side of art there is a lot we can learn by artists past and present. How they used colour, the types of brush strokes and mediums they used, the compositions.

Many drawings of famous painters like Seurat are equally impressive as their paintings

2. Appreciation and Understanding of Other Cultures

By looking at diverse artworks we can learn and understand other cultures and widen our appreciation of art.

Aboriginal Art of Western Australia

3. To Learn How Artists are Influenced by Other Artists

When you learn more about art history you start to see how the picture/story of art has evolved.  You understand the art movements chronologically and how one influenced another.

Understanding where movements like Pop Art fit into the general timeline is useful

5. To Learn How To Analyse A Picture

The more art you look at, the better you become at noticing things and being analytical.  It is important to really look at a piece of art and understand what makes it compelling.  This analysis is useful for your own art and for understanding what the artist might have been trying to communicate.

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