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How Do I Keep Motivated?

So you have done the course, met lots of like-minded others, got all the materials but now the course is over, how will you keep motivated?  It is easy to be motivated when you are surrounded by others creating artworks as you get to see new ways of doing things, ideas are shared and often we are motivated.  There often comes a time when the motivation dries up for most of us, then what?  I explain a few ways of keeping motivated…

Keeping In Touch 

If you can try and keep in touch with those that you learnt with once the course is over it is easier to be motivated.  A small group of learners from one of my courses have a ‘drawing meet up’ once a month to continue to inspire and encourge them.

If you don’t have a group of people from a course, try joining a forum or online group where others post imagery of their work.  It is inspiring to see work and you often can ask questions of the members. If none of the above is possible, do a course, I think taking courses with like-minded individuals is not only the quickest way to learn but also the most motivating.

Doing art courses is a great way to stay motivated

Getting Into The Habit

When you are on a course it is dedicated time to concentrate on your art, once the course is over there is a challenge to keep that same amount of time available.  Blocking out a few hours a week is one way of keeping the habit of creating art.  Once you lose that regular time you often find a whole six months has passed without you having picked up a pencil if you are not careful!

Art Galleries 

Seeing great art is inspiring and if you are feeling a bit less motivated than you were try visiting an exhibition.  If you can’t access art galleries readily I find looking at art online or in books is always inspiring. I like using Pinterest to gather ideas for my next art piece and I find collecting imagery digitally inspires ideas for art projects.

Exhibitions always inspire me

Buy a New Art Material 

Buying new art materials is often motivating, maybe you are just not that inspired by pencil anymore.  It could be time to try something new, whenever I visit the art shop there are so many materials I haven’t tried and want to.

Try out a new medium, it could inspire you.

I did this when I purchased some pens recently, I was keen to try them out and it led to creating a few pieces of art as I found myself addicted to using them!

There are a few ideas, do you have any others?  Share below…

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