5 Great Reasons to take up Art

Not sure if you should take up art?  There are lots of benefits in taking up art, some of which you probably hadn’t considered:

1. Develops your Creativity

Creativity is a basic human trait that needs to be expressed, some of us cook, garden, sew but we all need something.  Not expressing our creativity is to deny an important part of ourselves.

2. Being Successful 

Being more creative will have an impact on all areas of your life, in business and at home. Artists are resourceful problem-solvers who think ‘outside of the box’ these qualities are useful in all areas of life and are becoming more important traits in a fast-moving, changing modern world.

3.  Observational Skills 

Art asks you to stop, look and listen to the world before you.  The skill of observing is one that many of us haven’t developed when we are rushing around in the modern world.  When you are drawing or painting, you stop look and really see what is in front of you.

4. Discipline

Learning to draw is like learning an instrument it is not easy, it takes practice and discipline to develop the craft.  Anyone who has trained in a sport knows that it is the discipline of training that wins the races.  Art is much the same, developing this type of discipline to overcome obstacles and keep going is a quality that is beneficial in all areas of life.

5. Art is Therapy

Being completely engrossed in creating art empties your mind of all your worries and concerns. This state of being lost in the moment is know as ‘flow’ and is completely liberating.  Of course art can’t solve your problems but it can provide a calm space, free of anxiety and negativity where you can let go.

What does art bring to your life?  Comment below and share!

3 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons to take up Art

  1. These are great reasons, and the benefits are cyclical, like climbing a spiral staircase. If we’re consciously creative we’re training ourselves to observe the tiny details that make our days more colourful and we become more inspired. I also keep getting random ‘outside the box’ ideas popping into my head, as you learn to see things differently (and these aren’t necessarily about art either!).

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  2. I totally agree, it’s like ignoring an important part of yourself if you deny and avoid being creative! Especially for those of us that really especially enjoy art or crafts! It can be a good source of self therapy or real therapy too!

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