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How Can I be More Creative?

This is an interesting question, many tell me ‘I’m not creative’.  Some people are naturally more creative than others when they arrive at the art class but I don’t think that means some have creativity and others don’t.  I think it comes down to those that have tapped into their creativity and those that haven’t.

Most children are very creative

What is creativity?  I think it is hard to define but I recognise learners that enjoy experimenting, trying things and they have no hesitation about things ‘going wrong.  These learners are the most curious, they want to know what happens if ‘I mix oil and crayon’…etc. and they find answers by doing it.

It might help to understand if I explain what the least creative learners look like. They tend to want answers to questions before they have tried.  A less creative learner wants to know if they can mix watercolour with charcoal before they do it.

Try Something New

I think the answer is to try new things and venture out of your comfort zone.  Go to new places to draw and paint, try something different, maybe a new type of media that you haven’t tried before and you will find yourself being more creative.  Once you start you will see new ideas flow as one idea tends to lead to another.  You will be surprised just how creative you really are.


Being creative
Give new ways of working a try is a key aspect of being creative.

Lighten Up

It is very hard to be creative if you are worrying or having negative thoughts. Creative ideas tend to come when you are not ‘thinking’ like just before bedtime or when you are sitting on a bus and letting your mind go blank.  It is not something that can be forced.

Change your Habits

We are all programmed to do certain things a certain way, creatures of habit. These habit-forming behaviours tend to stifle creativity.  New ideas and ways of working can come about by working differently, try drawing at night or dawn for a change if you usually draw in the daytime.  Try drawing from different angles or rooms of the house.  The same results tend to come from doing things the same way all the time.

A holiday or trip out is often very good for generating creative thoughts, maybe it is time for a holiday, take your sketchpad!

Don’t feel that you always have to finish a completed artwork, sketches, doodles are all good for generating creativity

Allow Yourself Creativity

Some of the most creative learners have been complete beginners because they have treated everything as a new adventure.  Once we have been doing something a while it can be harder to feel the excitement of something new and fresh.  There is still many new things to learn and so many ways of doing things.

There is often a turning point I see in learners who become much more creative during the course.  This is usually when they realise that they can experiment and find things out this way. Then they enjoy the experiments and they tend to become more curious and therefore more creative.

Allow yourself to play
Allow yourself time to play

Take Inspiration from Others 

Looking at the work of other artists is always a good way to make you feel more creative.  It opens you up to realising how many different ways there are to do things.  Go to exhibitions or join an art class to see how others work (although don’t copy) there is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from famous artists, this has been done for years.  Maybe you could put your twist on an old technique?  The possibilities in art are endless which makes it such as rewarding subject.

What makes you creative? Share your thoughts below…

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