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What Should I Draw?

This is a good question, you might get different answers depending on who you ask. If you want to get really good at drawing you should draw anything and everything, however that doesn’t work for some.

A man drawing a bottle
Draw, draw and draw some more!

One student in my art class last year was very frustrated with themselves as they were trying to draw animals.  I asked why animals? They said ‘It is what sells‘.  Seeing that their heart wasn’t in it I asked what they really wanted to draw, and they didn’t know what to draw.

After talking about hobbies and things that interested them,  it turned out they liked flowers and plants and they were a big gardener in their free time.  I suggested they took their sketchpad out into the garden with them next time and suddenly a light bulb switched on.

Give yourself permission to draw what you want not what you think you should draw. 

Always draw what inspires you.  When we draw things that we like, enjoy observing and have an interest in, we feel motivated to draw and paint.  The chances are that we are going to be good at drawing the things we love. What we are attracted to can be unique to us.  Some say to me ‘everyone does sunsets it is so cliche‘ yes I agree but not everyone sees the sunset in the same way you do.

Painting a sunset

If you are not sure what to draw then I would suggest going outside and just observing, see what takes your interest.  Some of us haven’t really taken the time to stop and observe anything in any detail as we are so busy rushing around.  Find your interests and follow them and you will enjoy drawing even more!

Drawing outside
Get out, watch the world around you and notice what inspires you


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