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How Can I be Confident About My Art?

Teaching art for several  years now means I’ve come across many learners and students who don’t feel confident about their art.  Even those that are clearly very talented can doubt themselves and compare their art with others, so how can we feel more confident about our art?  I offer a few tips on a few things that can help.

Getting used to sharing

One of the biggest barriers to confidence is showing your art to others.  Those of us who are not in the habit of showing others and getting feedback can build up a real fear of sharing art or even people seeing what we are doing.  If you can find a way of sharing your art such as attending a class where others will see your work or even an online forum your confidence will grow.  There is something about overcoming this barrier that gives confidence, even if the feedback isn’t positive.

Sharing your artwork
Being in an art class is a great way to share with others

Having said that you want to receive feedback that is positive and if not constructive so you know how to improve.  A few badly selected people who don’t give quality feedback can put back our confidence even more.  If the thought of sharing your art scares you why not try a friendly online forum as a first step.  An art class is also an excellent place to gain constructive feedback and get used to working more ‘publicly’.

Sharing symbol
Sharing online can be more comfortable for some

Experience with all media

I can spot children who are confident about art and those that aren’t and this is often due to their exposure to materials.  Those that have tried out all the media such as pastel, ink, pencil, charcoal and paints have a build in confidence with the materials and know how the media behaves and can be exploited.  

Exploring mediums
Explore the materials to gain confidence.

It is worth trying out some of the media in a sketchpad first with a few experiments just to see what it can do without the pressure of creating a ‘piece’.  Playing is important in order to learn more, this knowledge gives confidence and you won’t be afraid to try out things.

I hope these tips helped you, do you have any you can share? If so, do share below!

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