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Draw or Doddle?

Recently I considered doing a daily drawing challenge which involved drawing something everyday. I think these challenges are great for making you feel more creative and seeing your skills and confidence improve.

Decorative artwork

Is it Really Drawing?

I’ve doodled all my life, every time I’m on the phone I’m making some type of mark with a pen while listening. When life gets stressful I doodle, I have found it empties my mind and calms me, but is it drawing? I think I didn’t think that these doodles made me an artist but when I look at my illustration work I noticed that a lot of the work contained the same types of marks and lines that I doodle in. Therefore I think doodling is drawing, it is just a different kind and it is one that is not concerned with representation of reality.

Is it a doodle or a drawing?

Free to Doddle

I noticed that I was very free when I was doodling, my mind was empty and I wasn’t self conscious because somehow I didn’t put the same level of pressure on doodling than I did on my drawing. In this way some of my doodles are much more expressive than my drawings.

Doodling therefore has the power to make me more creative and unleash my imagination and overall I feel more comfortable in the land of the doodle. My doodles are totally unique but my drawing style looks quite generic to me, perhaps because I’m trying to get things ‘right’ with drawing too much.

Colourful patterns
Is doodling the same as drawing?

Clash of the Doodles

I asked myself if there was a clash between my doodles and my drawing style and although there are glimpses of both in each I was considering them two different things. This is partly because I teach traditional drawing, which is all about getting proportions right and making something look accurate and I see doodling as something different so tend to keep them in different camps.

Pen drawing

All in the Name?

I thought after all this that did it really matter if you doodle or draw and aren’t they interchangeable? Maybe defining the artwork is not helpful and drawing and or doodling is all just art.

It’s an interesting topic, do you consider doodling less than? Share your thoughts below…



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