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Making Small Changes

This blog post is about how small changes can make a difference to artwork.  I think we all have this idea, especially when we are new to art that we must make big changes to improve our work and make it more interesting, but this hasn’t always been the case in my experience.

Your art should be evolving even if you are experienced because the art lessons are never learnt, there are always more techniques, more things to experiment with, more skills to master so this means our work should evolve too.

Pencil Sketch
Try drawing in a different place

Sometimes however we get into routines, as with all areas of life we start doing the same things the same way and the results are well… the same.  This blog post is for all those of you that want to try making some small changes to shake up your artwork a bit more and make it exciting again. Here are a few ideas to try:

Using a different coloured paper

It is surprising how a different coloured paper can change the feel of a drawing, and this is an easy one to try.  Pastels are in my opinion better on different coloured papers.  Pencil drawings can look much more interesting on a background other than white and if you don’t have the coloured paper you can always tint or paint your paper with a colour.

Drawing at an easel
Draw on a different coloured paper

Draw standing up

This is a great way to inject some energy into drawings, a simple change but standing up gives drawings a different feel to drawings I’ve created sitting down, why not try it.


Scaling up or down your drawing can make a difference.  Larger drawings tend to be more expressive, and the line has a different quality to perhaps more carefully or laboured smaller drawings.

Go Somewhere to Draw 

If you always draw indoors in the same place, try drawing in your garden, the street or a park.

Go outside!

Mix it Up

Pick up two or three drawing materials e.g., pencil, pen, colouring pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel and use them together to draw something e.g., pencil and colouring pencil.  The use of more than one material can give your drawings a livelier dimension.

Learning to draw and paint
Try mixing materials

What small things have you tried?  Share below…

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