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Is Art Your Lost Love?

As it is soon to be Valentines Day I thought that I would write a post on the topic of love, love of art that is.  It always sounded very dramatic and unrealistic when as a child I heard people claim ‘art was their biggest love’ and ‘art doesn’t let me down’ and so on.  However there is a lot of truth in this for many of us, art can get us through bad times, provide us with comfort, companionship and for some it is even a reason for living.

In this blog post I will examine why art can really be a lifetime partner and how to tell if art is your lost love.

Start a love story with art

A Feeling of Discontent

Sometimes in life we feel a bit discontented, frustrated or sad but not in an obvious way, it can be an underlining feeling that is  subtle.  This can manifest in many ways, a feeling of irritation, not wanting to be alone and filling your life with distractions. Of course this could be down to many reasons but if you want to do art and don’t or feel you can’t, this can be one of the side effects.

Could it be that you want to do art and have buried all these ideas?  Sometimes we put these feelings of unease down to other things but often it has something to do with a thing that is missing in our lives.  It can be hard to be honest with yourself but it is far better to admit it could be that your creative side is not fulfilled.

Jealous of Other Artists 

One of the ways that this feeling used to manifest for me, was a jealousy of those who were making art, even though there was nothing stopping me.  I didn’t like to think about those people that had something I secretly wanted. Again see this as a sign that you need to create!

Untapped Potential

For some it is less of a neglected feeling but a feeling that we never really had a chance.  This is often the case with many of my adult learners who often express that they have wanted to do art since childhood but were put off by others or never gave it the time.

If any of this sounds like you understand that it is never too late, that is one of the great things about drawing and painting, we can take it up at any age.

Starting the hardest thing but once you have started you will find all those unsettling feelings that you weren’t doing something you yearn to do will subside.

Have you ever felt this way when you weren’t drawing or painting?  Share your thoughts below…





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