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What do I do When I don’t feel Creative?

This is a constant issue for most artist and aspiring artists and illustrators and one I’m very familiar with.  Sometimes we just don’t feel creative so what can we do?  I suggest some small ideas that can really help you feel more creative and could help you get back into an art habit if you have lost all your motivation.

What if I don’t feel like drawing?

There have been times in my life when I haven’t created any artwork and there have been times when I have not even felt like creating anything.  These times have usually been times when I’ve had some stressful event, felt too tired or too busy with other things in my life.  These times come and go, and it is very normal for most of us to have times when picking up a pencil or paintbrush is the last thing, we feel like doing.

What I have found helpful is to be creative in small ways, here are some ideas that help me when the thought of creating is too much:


I have always taken photographs and often they provide much of the source inspiration for my drawing and painting.  Taking photographs is a way of keeping my artistic eye active and recording the world around me in a low effort way.

I like to stick my photographs in my sketchpad

Making Marks

Sometimes I don’t know what to draw and the blank page is overwhelming, so I start by making some marks, sometimes it is just for the sake of moving the pencil or paint around.  It is surprising how these doddle marks can lead to ideas and generally make me feel more creative.

making marks in ink
Making marks


These days my scrapbook has been replaced by Pinterest, but scrapbooking is a good way to gather inspiration when you don’t feel like creating anything.  I collect objects and imagery that interests me, it is a good way of recording the world around me.

scrapbooking ideas in a sketchpad

What do you do when you don’t feel creative?  Share your ideas below…

2 thoughts on “What do I do When I don’t feel Creative?

  1. Hi Rebecca! I haven’t painted in 2 or 3 months now, like I’ve lost interest. But I’ve looked at some You Tube videos now and then. I do realistic art fine; done some copies of Masters, but feel a need to do more loose, impressionistic paintings at this stage of my art. I don’t care for abstract art. What do you suggest? Thanks a bunch! ~Liz

    1. Hi there Shofar/Liz,

      I also have spells where I don’t paint or draw not because I don’t feel creative but life gets in the way, I get distracted and bogged down by other things. It’s important just to start even if it is just brushstrokes, rather than wait for inspiration I’ve found. Having said that finding some inspiring artists is always a good starting point. I would suggest looking at artists who use the materials you like to use e.g. if it is watercolour look at watercolour artists etc. What about Turner and Monet, they have a loose, impressionistic style and a great way of using loose blocks of colour… always inspiring.

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