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My 5 Top Tips for Creativity

I have written many times on this topic, which is how to feel creative, want to create things and how to keep this going throughout your life.  However this handy blog posts lists all my tips on one convenient list, so I won’t be going into depth into any one point.  Here is a simple list that you can remember and benefit from my years of experience of not doing all of these things!

Drawing an onion

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to feeling creative most of the time and feeling confident and inspired to explore your own creativity.

Do NOT Compare Yourself 

This one is top of the list because it is so crucial to keeping you wanting to create when times get ‘tough’.  Instagram is made for falling into the comparison trap so limit your use and step away from scrolling if you feel this could be an issue for you.

Learning collage

Bad Work Will Happen

If you are creating lots of art and even if you are not, some of it will not be too great.  See it as a chance to improve and keep the momentum going forwards.  Don’t look back, only if you want to see how far you have come in the future.

A positive note to self
Give yourself encouragement

Make Space 

This one is so simple yet I didn’t do it for years.  You need it for you to be as easy as it can be for you to create so have a ‘creation station’ where all your art materials are ready to go, make a special space that you like being in to create.

Commit Your Time 

Diary with art day blocked outCommit to a time slot, even if it is a ten minute Saturday morning drawing activity.  It doesn’t matter so much how much time as much as if it is consistent and you show up regularly to commit to your art practice.

I was once told that all artists were selfish people, something I really didn’t like or agree with at the time, however if you are serious about your art you will need to be ‘selfish’ by putting time aside.


It helps if you know some other artists or illustrators at your level who are trying to do the same thing, having a drawing buddy to go out and draw with is very motivating.  If you haven’t got any other artists in your life it isn’t the end of the world, you can connect with online communities these days very easily.

What would your top tips for being and staying creative be?

Share your thoughts below…

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