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Have you Made Space for Art?

I thought I would write this post because I want to explain the importance of making space for art in your life. I’ve been very guilty of not making space for art in my life at all, in fact I put everything else first for many years.  It wasn’t until I did literally space for art that things started to change.

By this I mean, I made a physical space for my art, purchased a desk, chair, easel and gave over some of my living space for my creative space. However, there are also other ways in which we need to make space for art to have it work for us, and in this blog post I will explain.

Ways to Make Space

Physical Space – this is important but some of us will have limitations, we are not all lucky enough to have a big living space but you can still make a space for art.  Ideally this will be a desk, table, drawing board or easel that is permanently set up for creating.  Sharing a kitchen table which is used for eating, children’s homework and so on won’t work and you will end up frustrated.  However small this space, a dedicated art space is necessary .

Art class

Time – of course most of us are time poor and finding time for art is a challenge, but are you being selfish about your art  putting it first?  Probably not because most of us put art last on the list of things to do and the result is it just gets pushed aside.  Try blocking out time in your diary for art, you might find yourself looking forward to it as well.

Diary with art day blocked out
Make art time

Head Space – It’s important to give the space to your art in terms of quality time, so try to block out all the distractions such as interruptions from family members.

Some of us enjoy art time because we can be alone but equally art time can be enjoyable shared with others.  In fact you are more likely to keep your ‘art date’ if you do share it with others.  You could even get the children involved and all create art together.

Courses and Workshops/Clubs – these are such as good way to make sure that you do get your art time.  If you are physically out of your house somewhere creating art in a class you will make the time.  Often we have paid for classes and courses and we don’t want to waste our money so we will make the time.  Booking a class, workshop or course is a guaranteed way to make sure we give time to our art. 

How do you make space for your art in our busy world?  Share below…

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