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Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am a UK based Art Tutor who loves to draw and paint and enjoys sharing knowledge and skills with others.  After completing a BA (Hons) Graphic Design/Illustration I worked as a Graphic Designer and freelance Illustrator before moving into teaching. 

I am a qualified teacher and have taught creative arts to all ages for over eight years, something I really enjoy.  During this time I have taught many complete beginners and understand what a daunting journey it can be so  with this in mind I I set up this blog to answer all the questions I have had from learners over the years.

This site aims to demystify art which can be surrounded by lots jargon, rules and a confusing array of materials for those starting out. After blogging since 2016 I also started a my Rebecca Art Tutor YouTube Channel.

I hope that you find some useful tips, advice, knowledge and inspiration here.  I have designed the site to help those who are trying to teach themselves to draw and paint, or maybe it will give you the confidence to pick up the pencil and paintbrush for the first time, I hope so!



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  1. Irene

    Thank you for the information on your page. I am a member of a U3A drawing group and as the only member of the group with any art training (I have Higher Btech in Environmental design), I try to give a little guidance. Tomorrow we will practice tonal drawing. Your tonal chart should prove a useful aid. Thank you very much. I look forward to receiving your tips.
    Kind regards

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