Art Problems Solved

Art isn’t always easy, things go wrong and if you are teaching yourself sometimes you won’t know what to do.  This page is a handy guide to the common issues that crop up often and my advice on how to tackle them. Contact Me if you have something you would like covered on this page.

Lack of Inspiration 

What Should I Draw?

How Can I be More Creative?

Why Perfectionism Could be Stopping You in Art


Which Sketchpad?

Which Size Sketchpad?

Do I have to Use Turpentine?

Why Are There Different Types of Pastels?


Questions to Ask to Fix Drawing Problems

How do I Hold the Pencil?

What is Mark-making?

Why Do Thumbnail Sketches?


Why is my Paper Buckling?

Why Do I Need to Stretch Paper?

How can I learn about Colour?


How do I Mix a Flesh Tone?


What is the Rule of Thirds?

What is a Viewfinder?

Accurate Drawing

What are Ellipses?

What is Squaring Up?