Can I Paint Before I can Draw?

This question isn’t particularly easy to answer with a yes or no.  Of course you can paint before you can draw.  I think the question should be whether or not you want to and not to see drawing and painting as separate activities.

Regardless of if you are drawing or painting you will still be facing similar challenges in creating artwork.  Perspective, tone, line, capturing movement, gesture, proportion and composition are all key skills that are going to be challenges in drawing and painting.

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What Are The Best Books To Learn About Art History?

I had a friend who told me that she felt she didn’t know enough about art and asked me what she could read to find out more.  She had been on a recent holiday to Rome and admitted that she ‘didn’t know anything about the art‘ and felt she should know more. Some books came to mind that are really informative for an overview of art history and great for beginners, so I thought I would share them…

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