Is Copying Okay?

Some artists work from life, observing objects, scenes and so on but some use secondary references like photographs or images or paint or draw from their imagination.  Some artists (most in my experience) use both, but there is some shame around copying for some.  Is copying okay? In short…yes, I will explain why.

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Before you Sign Up for the Art Class

I thought I would write this post as I have come to realise that learners often don’t know what to expect from an art course or art class.  I offer some advice that will make the starting of an art class or course less of a gamble.

I teach a range of learners from all walks of life, some of whom haven’t been in education or any type of classroom for 40 years!  Therefore it is understandable that many are a bit tense about the experience of starting a class so I am hoping that the advice I give might ease some of the anxiety involved.

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