What does Temperature Mean in Artwork?

Temperature and mood are two words that can crop up in art classes, magazines and books but what do these terms mean?  These terms are usually used in relation to the use of colour in artwork.


Colours suggest warmth or coolness and this is known as ‘temperature’ which is also used in photography.  Yellows, oranges, reds and pinks are considered ‘warm’, green, blues and violets are considered ‘cool’.  Warm colours feel happy, bright and vibrant, cooler colours can feel moody, still or distant in artwork.

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Christmas Shopping for Art Materials

It is that time of year again and your friends and family will probably be thinking about what gifts they can give you if you like art.  Many well-meaning friends and family can buy us things that either aren’t suitable or perhaps aren’t the best use of their money.  I offer some suggestions to friends and family of budding artists.

Personal Choices 

Each person’s Christmas list should look different because what you need on your list depends on the type of media you like to use.  Acrylic paints are no use to you if you like pastels so try to communicate to your friends and family the type of media you enjoy.

Art to most people means, paint and pencils so understand that your friends and family won’t necessarily understand what ‘watercolour’ or ‘gouache’ means so they may need some hints.  This will make their job a lot easier and save you getting any unwanted gifts that could go to waste.

Ask for the media that you know you enjoy using
Ask for the media that you know you enjoy using

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