Should I Draw and Paint Outside?

Drawing outside is a wonderful experience but I must admit I am not very keen if it is raining and cold!  When the weather is warm I really enjoy sketching in my garden, it is not only very peaceful and relaxing to be outside but it can benefit drawing in so many ways.  I offer a few tips on why it is good to draw outside and what you can do to make it a even better experience.

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6 Things Beginner Artists Need to Know

If you have just taken up art I have some thoughts that might be helpful to think about:

1.Buying the Materials is the Easy Part!

I think it is great that I always get so many learners joining my courses in January of every year.  The pattern is often the same, they have given a set of paints by a family member for Christmas and signed up for an art class.  The hard work then starts, some don’t realise that learning to draw and paint is not that easy.  You will need to put time and energy if you wish to see results.

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