How Can I Develop an Interest in Art in my Children?

Sometimes I come across learners who have started an art class to help their children to draw and paint.  Often grandparents who recognise that their grandchildren have an interest in art and want to nurture this.

They often tell me how when they spend time with grandchildren they do arty things.  These learners usually want more ideas of what to do creatively to develop an interest in art in the children.  Sometimes they wish to learn to draw so they can pass on the skills to their children.  These are my thoughts on the topic.

All Children Have An Interest in Art

Although there are definitely some children who have more of a natural interest in picking up pencils and paint, I don’t think there is a young child who isn’t interested in making marks.  This is a natural form of expression so it is more about allowing time and space for this exploration to be developed and continue.

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Art Club or Art Class?

You might be thinking about joining an art club or an art class but be unsure which one is best.  They are two different things so here I sum up the features of each to help you decide which one is best for you…

The Art Class

The art class is a place where should receive tuition on how to learn to draw and paint with other people.  Most art classes are small usually 6-15 students in each class.  They vary greatly depending on the course some are accredited so you will be gaining a qualification and others are what is often called ‘leisure learning’.  The accredited courses will have a criteria and follow a syllabus.  You usually have to do some written work with accredited courses and be able to plan your work, show research and decision making as well as evaluating your art.

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