What are the Signs of a Good Art Class?

This is a question where the answer will depend on what type of art class or course you are looking for.  I have my own ideas of what you should see in a good art class or course, which I will share with you:

It Should Challenge You – Even a basic course should challenge you in some way to think in new ways and try out new things.  I know that for some learners there is an uncomfortable feeling in being challenged but in my opinion the best classes are those that take you slightly out of your comfort zone.

Feedback – One of the reasons you are taking a class is presumably to have access to an art tutor/teacher with experience.  I have seen a few art classes where learners have had little or no feedback from the tutor/teacher on their work.  There will always be learners who don’t want or need much feedback, yet there is usually something that a learner can gain from feedback.

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How Will I Be Taught in An Art Class?

I thought I would write this post because there is quite a lot of confusion around about art education, especially among adult learners.  I have also spoken to many other ex art students about the format of lessons, amount of tuition time etc. and it seems to vary a great deal.  I have learnt that many of the adults who join my adult beginner art classes have  little idea even what the ‘classroom’ or studio will look like.  Therefore I thought I would share some general points about what to expect.

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