Do I Really Need to Show My Artwork to Others in a Class?

I thought I would write this post because on my courses I encourage learners to share their work.  On a beginners course this is typically done by the walk around the room at the end of a session, in more advanced classes there is a ‘class critique’ where everyone talks and shares their artwork from each completed project.

On a few occasions some learners have refused to do this, one learner commented that he didn’t see the point of looking at others work or showing his own work to other people in the class.  I had assumed that every teacher or tutor would encourage sharing of artwork by the class but according to this learner his old tutor didn’t do this. This made me think of the issue of sharing artwork in an art class, is it necessary and if so what are the benefits?

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What Do I Do When It All Goes Wrong?

There will be days, hours, months and sometimes years when you are feeling very frustrated with creating art.  This is an element of the beginning start of learning to draw and paint for most people, but it might surprise you to realise that it doesn’t stop.  Many professional artists feel this way regularly and it seems to be part of the process of creating.  What can we do when it all gets too much?

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