Can I Learn to Draw and Paint Later in Life?

The short answer is of course you can! Having a creative hobby or interest later in life has many benefits, surveys show that those who engage in art live longer as it enhances both mental and physical health.

Many of my learners are picking up a paintbrush or pencil after years and years of not having any creative hobby in their lives.  The idea that these learners can suddenly learn and know everything is unfair on themselves. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to make ‘mistakes’ there are really no mistakes in art, only learning. The main thing is not to think about all those younger learners who started earlier but to enjoy the process now.

Using a drawing board for drawing offers more flexibility to draw at different angles
Art is a great hobby for later in life

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Do I need an Art Class to Learn to Draw?

This is an interesting question, as many people will have different opinions on this.  Of course you can teach yourself to draw and there are plenty of resources out there to help you learn.  Some of us won’t be able to join a class for various reasons, I  have a Resources  page to help out those of you in this position.

Personally I feel that a real art class is the best way to learn if you can get to one because there are so many benefits from this type of learning:

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