4 Unhelpful Ideas About Art Classes

I have met some learners who sign up for art classes with some unhealthy ideas which end up restricting them along the way.  I thought I would share some of these thoughts and give my ideas on why they hold people back.

‘I Don’t Want to Spend Money On Materials’ 

I meet several learners who are on a budget, which I understand.  I am not a tutor who tells students to go out and buy everything (and I have met ones like this).  I think this is unrealistic for those on a budget and you don’t have to buy everything or even the most expensive materials to get good results.

There is a line however where it becomes limiting, when a learner just doesn’t want to spend anything on materials.  You can’t expect to learn about materials and experiment if you won’t buy more than one pencil and a sketchpad! Now if you just want to draw fair enough, make sure you do a drawing course and just that, otherwise some purchases will be necessary.

You should expect to buy some art materials on an art course
You should expect to buy some art materials on an art course

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What is the Best Age to Learn to Draw?

I was very surprised by this question because of course there is no age that is best to learn to draw.  I understand why this question was asked however because when we get older starting a new hobby or returning to a rusty skill like drawing seems too daunting and we might think, is it worth starting?

This question is a bit sad I think because it suggests that once we reach a certain age we can’t learn anything new. It also suggests that it would be too late to reach a stage where we have ‘learnt’ to draw.  As someone who studied art I can say that there is no end point the learning continues so who can really say when we have ‘learnt’ to draw?

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