Is Quality Important When It Comes to Materials?

This was a question that I was asked recently in a beginners class.  Many think that the materials make a difference, but do they?

There is no doubt that some materials differ enormously in quality such as soft pastels for example, the cheapest ones are crumbly and don’t grip the paper.  The combination of poor quality paper and pastel can really make a difference to the outcome.  In a recent pastel lesson one learner came with some very high quality pastels and created some beautiful blends while another learner struggled with some budget pastels which created a pile of dust, not having the best quality paper either.

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What Do I Do When It All Goes Wrong?

There will be days, hours, months and sometimes years when you are feeling very frustrated with creating art.  This is an element of the beginning start of learning to draw and paint for most people, but it might surprise you to realise that it doesn’t stop.  Many professional artists feel this way regularly and it seems to be part of the process of creating.  What can we do when it all gets too much?

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