What Do I Do When It All Goes Wrong?

There will be days, hours, months and sometimes years when you are feeling very frustrated with creating art.  This is an element of the beginning start of learning to draw and paint for most people, but it might surprise you to realise that it doesn’t stop.  Many professional artists feel this way regularly and it seems to be part of the process of creating.  What can we do when it all gets too much?

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Why Should I Go to Art Galleries?

When you are learning to draw and paint I think it is important to go to art galleries. Many of my students and learners like going to art galleries but sometimes I do get asked why I think it is important.

Beginner learners can find looking at famous artists and professional artists’ work deflating because they feel they are a million miles from the level of skill they are at. Of course you could think this way but try to be inspired by what you see rather than discouraged.

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