5 Things I’ve Learnt From Artists

It struck me that I’ve known and met lots of creative people who create art of one form or another in my life.  From studying, working and teaching people who create art as well as looking at a lot of art, I think I am able to summarise what I’ve learnt from the best of them.  So here are my findings, 5 things I’ve learnt from artists…

1. They Have Passion

The artists who I’ve learnt most from have had a love and passion for art which has lasted throughout their lives.  I have noticed that this passion for art continues with them even if they are unable to sell their work or it is not appreciated by others. They are often excited about the next project and despite difficulties or setbacks continue to explore and evolve their work for the love of it.

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Why You Should Fall in Love with Art

As 14th February, Valentines Day is coming up I thought it would be appropriate to write a post above love, the love of art.

One way to guarantee that you will continue to develop your drawing and painting is to fall in love with it.  How can this happen you might think?  If you allow it and stick with it drawing and painting can be a great source of joy, contentment and satisfaction.  Here are some reasons why you should start your love affair with drawing and painting:

Art Allows you to Express Yourself 

Day to day life doesn’t often give us many chances to express the creative part of ourselves.  Sooner or later a life full of chores, tasks and deadlines becomes very wearing and some of us can fall into depression and dissatisfaction.

We all need an outlet to express the creative side of our being.  It has been proved that those who have a creative hobby like singing, playing an instrument, cooking or art live longer and are happier.  Passion is what can keep us going in the dark times and can keep us alive.  Yet the value of art is questioned.

Being creative is a part of the human behaviour by not expressing it some of us have lost touch with part of ourselves.

Art can offer a form of communication to communicate things that we perhaps can’t communicate in other forms.  Art is a type of expression.

Keep a sketchpad
Art is a way to express your ideas, thoughts and how you see the world

Art is Healing

Now this doesn’t mean you have to be damaged to take up art! It means that those who have been drawing and painting for any length of time will understand the healing properties of the activity.  Art provides the time to relax, look inward and reflect.  Art is a form of release, we need art to keep us mentally healthy.

Learning to draw and paint
Art is healing

Art Can Tell Our Story

Our own art is unique to us, I see this all the time in my art classes, everyone has a different style, stroke and approach to drawing and painting.  Art can be used to understand and share our stories.  During one holiday to Scotland several years ago I filled a whole sketchpad with watercolour paintings of skies and seascapes.  This sketchpad brings the experience of that holiday back to life for me more than any photograph could and for this reason it is very special to me.

Art Can Be Social

Art is often thought of as a solitary activity but art can be shared.  You could join an art class or club and become part of a community.  You could also share your art in exhibitions.  Art can offer a reason to come together and share experiences with others.

Art can make you feel connected to others
Art can make you feel connected to others

Art is Always There 

Unlike some of the disappointments in life which we can’t avoid art is always there for us as a source of joy.  As long as you have a pencil and some paper, the opportunities are limitless.

Sounds to me like it is time you fell in love with art!