Do I Have To Know About Art History To Do Art?

Of course you don’t have to know anything about art history to do practical art but it certainly helps.  Usually by doing art you can’t help but learn about art history anyway because you are looking at other artists work from the past and present.  There are many benefits in understanding art and art history can help us to do that, here are five good reasons to know more about art history…

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x4 Hidden Benefits of Studying Art

I tend to get asked by anxious parents if it is a good idea for their child to study art. This topic is complex and deserves a blog post all of its own. Aside from the creative careers issue and the more popular discussion about art leading to a job/career I thought it would be interesting to share some of the skills and attributes I associate with studying art.  I’ve recognised that there are many less obvious benefits of studying art, even if you never become a creative/artist for a living.  These ‘hidden’ benefits I think are worth mentioning…

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