Should I Sell My Art?

Every year a few learners or students ask about selling their work.  It can take a while to reach this stage where you feel ready to sell your artwork but if you would like to try I think there are a few things you might want to consider first…

Is it Good Enough?

It is impossible to tell a learner or student if their work is good enough to sell because it is such a subjective area.  Some work will be ‘good enough’ but it won’t sell for other reasons such as the market not being there for the type of work or some other reason. You will know if you feel you are ready to try and sell your work because you should feel comfortable about showing your work and receiving feedback.

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5 Things I’ve Learnt From Artists

It struck me that I’ve known and met lots of creative people who create art of one form or another in my life.  From studying, working and teaching people who create art as well as looking at a lot of art, I think I am able to summarise what I’ve learnt from the best of them.  So here are my findings, 5 things I’ve learnt from artists…

1. They Have Passion

The artists who I’ve learnt most from have had a love and passion for art which has lasted throughout their lives.  I have noticed that this passion for art continues with them even if they are unable to sell their work or it is not appreciated by others. They are often excited about the next project and despite difficulties or setbacks continue to explore and evolve their work for the love of it.

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