6 Useful Items for Your Christmas List

So Christmas is coming up and it is a time when you can gain some extra art materials.  Perhaps friends and family are asking what art materials you would like?  What will you say when there are so many things you could ask for?  It is hard not to ask for something that is a bit more of a ‘luxury’ item but my advice would be to make sure you have the essentials first.

Everyone will have their own ideas about what they need materials-wise, but below I have made some suggestions of the materials that I have found most useful:

1. A Good Quality Sketchpad

A4 or A3 Sketchpad
A4 or A3 Sketchpad

If you haven’t already ask for a good quality sketchpad with thicker, grainer cartridge paper. They are much nicer to draw on and they are made better which means they won’t fall apart when you transport them.  It will also cope will with small studies in other media other than pencil. A4 or A3 are the best sizes to go for.  Hard-backed ones will last longer and protect your work.

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How Can I Develop an Interest in Art in my Children?

Sometimes I come across learners who have started an art class to help their children to draw and paint.  Often grandparents who recognise that their grandchildren have an interest in art and want to nurture this.

They often tell me how when they spend time with grandchildren they do arty things.  These learners usually want more ideas of what to do creatively to develop an interest in art in the children.  Sometimes they wish to learn to draw so they can pass on the skills to their children.  These are my thoughts on the topic.

All Children Have An Interest in Art

Although there are definitely some children who have more of a natural interest in picking up pencils and paint, I don’t think there is a young child who isn’t interested in making marks.  This is a natural form of expression so it is more about allowing time and space for this exploration to be developed and continue.

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