Why Am I Scared of Colour?

I recently taught a ten week drawing course and where we were working mostly with pencil and charcoal.  One week I introduced a small bit of colour by asking the learners to use ink with charcoal. 

I noticed some relished the work with the inks but a few were reluctant, only ‘tinting’ small areas of the drawing as an afterthought rather than a feature of the drawing.  As the sessions continued we used more colour including one session using pastels to draw brightly coloured flowers.  The colours were vibrant many of the learners enjoyed using these colours, layering them, darkening them and smudging them to get an array of colours not always true to the real flower. 

Using colour pastels
Get used to colour and don’t be afraid to use it!

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Which White?

White paint is an area of confusion for many beginners starting to learn to paint.  Some are under the impression that you should never use white and others get confused when they see several versions of white paint such as ‘Titanium White and ‘Zinc White’.  What are the differences between the whites, which one is best and when should you use white, I will demystify the area of white paint.

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