Is Copying Okay?

Some artists work from life, observing objects, scenes and so on but some use secondary references like photographs or images or paint or draw from their imagination.  Some artists (most in my experience) use both, but there is some shame around copying for some.  Is copying okay? In short…yes, I will explain why.

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Best Art Advice I’ve Had From Art Teachers

I recently wrote a post ‘worst advice from art teachers’ so it is only right that I write about the best advice I’ve had as well.  I’ve realised that a lot of the advice I give as a tutor is the same advice that came from my own art teachers.  I’ve had many art teachers during my art education but some of the advice has been invaluable where as some of the advice was forgotten immediately.  Here is the best bits of advice I’ve been given and have found to be true for me:

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