Why Should I Take Part In Drawing Challenges?

What is a drawing challenge and should I do them?  In a word yes, drawing is a must on a regular basis if you wish to improve your drawing and painting.  It doesn’t matter what you draw, just draw! Drawing challenges are great because they make you draw things that perhaps you wouldn’t to start with.  The idea of a drawing challenge is that you can do it with other people and it gives you a goal to work towards.

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4 Drawing Exercises that Improve Drawing

Here are some quick drawing exercises that can help with certain aspects of drawing:

Comparative Proportions

Draw something large next to something small, simple objects are best.

Why does it work?  It forces us to make comparisons between two things which makes us look, double check and ‘measure’ making comparative proportions.

Drawing small objects next to larger objects
Drawing small objects next to larger objects

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