Is Copying Okay?

Some artists work from life, observing objects, scenes and so on but some use secondary references like photographs or images or paint or draw from their imagination.  Some artists (most in my experience) use both, but there is some shame around copying for some.  Is copying okay? In short…yes, I will explain why.

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How Do I Handle Working Outdoors?

Just the thought of working outside is intimidating for many of the beginner learners on my courses.  There are many benefits of doing some drawing and painting outside, so here are some tips to prepare you to go out.

There are many obstacles to drawing and painting outside, the British weather is one of course as it is not always sunny and warm.  Then there is all the other factors like the fact you can feel very ‘on show’ with every passer-by looking over your shoulder! These interruptions in busy areas from inquisitive public are not always welcome or conducive to our best work. I will explain some ways of getting around some of the issues of working outside.

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