Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Drawing or Painting

The idea for this post came from seeing similar patterns with my beginner learners.  All these things are so common and so simple to fix, so I thought a checklist might help:

Have I got the right sort of paper? 

If you are working with watercolour you will need some watercolour paper, for pastels you will need pastel paper etc. If you are unsure I give some advice on my Art Materials  page.

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How can I Develop Ideas for Artwork?

Sometimes being given a topic is easier than having complete freedom to draw or paint what we like.  If you have no guidelines then I would suggest drawing and painting what interests you.  Sometimes we aren’t sure what interests us, so then it is best to take some time to observe life, nature, the weather, everyday life etc. and see what inspires us.  I always find that going out helps with this, it is hard to be inspired when you are sat at home or  in a classroom with the same four walls!

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