Do I Need to Use an Easel?

When you start drawing most people draw flat on a table but if you can access an easel then I would recommend using one.  Some learners feel quite intimidated by the easel, with all its screws and parts they seem cumbersome and unnecessary.  It might be worth giving it a try and seeing how you get on because drawing or painting on an easel is quite a different experience to drawing flat.

Give the Easel a Chance

At first it will seem a bit strange to anyone who is used to working flat on a desk or table because you are standing up usually instead of sitting.  The other thing that feels very different is the angle of the paper, it is upright on an easel rather than flat. 

If you have never used an easel don’t be scared to try

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Do Artists Use Colour Pencils?

Some materials are treated with a bit of a question mark when it comes to art. Colouring pencils are one such media, many love them but are they considered a serious tool for the artist?

Although many don’t consider them a ‘real’ medium for artists, I think I would have to disagree because I have seem some very impressive work done with them.  I will give some general tips for using coloured pencils and how to use them:

Find a range you like

I haven’t used colouring pencils for a long time so I don’t feel qualified to advise on the best brands.  I do remember trying a few out in the past though, my best by far were always Karisma. They are lovely and soft, come in rich, bright colours and are fun to use. I heard recently that Karisma colour pencils are no longer produced and they sell on ebay for high prices! I am not sure if this is true but if you can do get yourself some.  All is not lost as I heard they are replaced by Prismas which many speak highly of.

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