4 Inspiring Locations to Draw

Drawing on location is important because it gets us out of the comfortable studio, home or classroom and makes us observe the world around us.  Of course there are some practicalities with drawing on location to consider, such as the weather! However it is well worth it and you don’t have to only draw when you are on holiday or trips, there are lots of things to observe all around us everyday.

Here are some ideas of places that I have enjoyed drawing and why, however you should draw wherever your own interests take you.

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What Do I Need to Work Outdoors?

You can work out of doors at any time of the year if you go prepared.  I offer a few tips on how to be prepared.  What you will need will depend on the medium you are using, drawing outside is relatively simple equipment-wise but painting is a bit more complicated.

Drawing outside is a pleasure and gives so many advantages such as the quality of the light, seeing in context and in three-dimensions.  All you really need to draw outside is a good hard-backed sketchpad and two – three drawing pencils in different grades of B. 

Set of Pencils in B grades
Set of Pencils in B grades

A more developed sketch or drawing might require sitting rather than standing and this case you might want to bring a simple folding camping stall and perhaps a lightweight drawing board.  Drawing outside in the summer will require water and suntan lotion, you may also want to wear a hat because when you are looking down the back of your neck can get burnt without realising! 

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