Should I Sell My Art?

Every year a few learners or students ask about selling their work.  It can take a while to reach this stage where you feel ready to sell your artwork but if you would like to try I think there are a few things you might want to consider first…

Is it Good Enough?

It is impossible to tell a learner or student if their work is good enough to sell because it is such a subjective area.  Some work will be ‘good enough’ but it won’t sell for other reasons such as the market not being there for the type of work or some other reason. You will know if you feel you are ready to try and sell your work because you should feel comfortable about showing your work and receiving feedback.

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What is the Best Age to Learn to Draw?

I was very surprised by this question because of course there is no age that is best to learn to draw.  I understand why this question was asked however because when we get older starting a new hobby or returning to a rusty skill like drawing seems too daunting and we might think, is it worth starting?

This question is a bit sad I think because it suggests that once we reach a certain age we can’t learn anything new. It also suggests that it would be too late to reach a stage where we have ‘learnt’ to draw.  As someone who studied art I can say that there is no end point the learning continues so who can really say when we have ‘learnt’ to draw?

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