Best Art Advice I’ve Had From Art Teachers

I recently wrote a post ‘worst advice from art teachers’ so it is only right that I write about the best advice I’ve had as well.  I’ve realised that a lot of the advice I give as a tutor is the same advice that came from my own art teachers.  I’ve had many art teachers during my art education but some of the advice has been invaluable where as some of the advice was forgotten immediately.  Here is the best bits of advice I’ve been given and have found to be true for me:

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5 Traits of Bad Art Teachers

I wrote a post called ‘The Best Advice I’ve had from Art Teachers’ so I thought I would write a blog about the ‘worst advice’ I’ve had.  Now as someone who studied art for many years I feel I have had both good and bad art teachers.  Generally I don’t feel I’ve had any real bad advice from my art teachers but there are some things perhaps to be aware of that could be potentially damaging or limiting to your success in art.  It is important to be aware of these traits as if you have only had one or two art teachers you may think this is the norm.   Here are my thoughts on the topic…

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