Art Materials

So you have taken up art and don’t know what to buy or the differences between each product?  I aim to demystify the area of art materials, explain and offer some tips and advice for beginners…


Which Pencil?  – I explain the differences between the pencil grades

Pencils Explained for Beginners – My advice on pencils for beginners


Which Size Sketchpad? – A look at the pros and cons of each size

Which Sketchpad? – I go through the different types on offer

Watercolour Papers Explained


What is a Blending Tool? – I explain the uses


Erasers Explained – Different types of eraser and their uses


The 4 Most Useful Brushes – The four brushes everyone should have

What is a Stay Wet Palette? – Explains the importance of a Stay Wet Palette for acrylics


What are Acrylics? – Acrylics explained


What are Oils? – I explain the qualities of oils

Do I have to use Turpentine? – I suggest some alternatives

What are Water-based Oils? – I  explain the differences between oils and water-based oils