How Will I Be Taught in An Art Class?

I thought I would write this post because there is quite a lot of confusion around about art education, especially among adult learners.  I have also spoken to many other ex art students about the format of lessons, amount of tuition time etc. and it seems to vary a great deal.  I have learnt that many of the adults who join my adult beginner art classes have  little idea even what the ‘classroom’ or studio will look like.  Therefore I thought I would share some general points about what to expect.

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Is it Worth Paying for Art Classes?

I hear lots of reasons why people don’t want to do art classes despite wanting to learn to draw and paint.  Lets look at some of the reasons why people won’t pay for art tuition and discuss each one.

Art is Too Expensive 

I understand concerns about the expense of learning to draw and paint, however I find that lots of beginner learners overestimate the cost of materials when they start my courses. I can understand how suddenly receiving a long materials list  is quite disturbing, even more so if you go into some art stores and see the sheer amount of materials and tools, books etc. available.

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