What is a ‘Warm Up Exercise’ in Art?

It is very common in many art classes, particularly drawing classes to start with a ‘warm up’ exercise and we are not talking keep fit!  What is it and why is it important?

Just like a music lesson where you might start with a vocal warm up, a drawing warm up does the same.  It is a way of getting ready to work on more developed studies and getting us ready to draw and paint.  A drawing warm up is not about producing polished studies, it is a quick activity of usually ten to twenty minutes that usually concentrates on one particular skill.

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Why Perfectionism Could be Stopping You in Art

I felt this topic was worth a post as it keeps cropping up in my classes.  Also see my post  5 Thoughts Stopping You from Creating Art which is along the same lines.

This topic is very close to my heart as I suffered from these limited thoughts throughout my art studies.  What I learnt from teaching others is that perfectionism is paralysis in art.

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