6 New Year Resolutions for Artists

The end of a year and the start of the new year is the perfect time to look back on your achievements as a beginner artist.  Often we are so focussed on what we can’t get right that we forget how far we have come.  Why not take time to celebrate some of your successes over the year, however small.  It is also a time of looking forward to tackle new artist challenges in the year ahead.

If you have just started art or have been learning for a while there are always new skills, techniques and goals to achieve.  Here are a few of my suggestions for everyone:

Have A Mini Review

At the end of the year it is a good time to get out all your artwork and have a good look at what you have done over the years or months.  When you come back to artwork with fresh eyes you see it differently, you are in a much better position to critique your own work after some time has passed.  You will be able to see areas of improvement much more clearly and perhaps themes of things you keep doing like working too small or using too much brown paint etc.

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Too Scared to Join An Art Class?

Over the years of teaching beginner adult learners I have really noticed that lack of confidence in ones own abilities is a major issue for many.  I was always aware of this but I realised that for some the thought of going to an art class is just too daunting and they struggle to get to a class at all.  This is very sad, so what can you do if this is you to boost your confidence and take the leap of joining a class or course?  I give some ideas in this blog post…

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