5 Great Reasons to take up Art

Not sure if you should take up art?  There are lots of benefits in taking up art, some of which you probably hadn’t considered:

1. Develops your Creativity

Creativity is a basic human trait that needs to be expressed, some of us cook, garden, sew but we all need something.  Not expressing our creativity is to deny an important part of ourselves.

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Do I need an Art Class to Learn to Draw?

This is an interesting question, as many people will have different opinions on this.  Of course you can teach yourself to draw and there are plenty of resources out there to help you learn.  Some of us won’t be able to join a class for various reasons, I  have a Resources  page to help out those of you in this position.

Personally I feel that a real art class is the best way to learn if you can get to one because there are so many benefits from this type of learning:

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