Should I do Life Drawing?

Life drawing is drawing (or sometimes painting) of the human figure from a live model.  Sometimes the model is clothed or semi-clothed but the idea is that you can observe the human form in its ‘life’ or natural form.

 Drawing clothed models is very useful of course because you can get to observe the folds and creases of the clothing.  Life drawing  has the advantage of seeing the anatomy as it is and sometimes to understand how clothing behaves in the way it falls and creases we have to understand what is underneath, the anatomy.

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What Can I Expect When Drawing Models?

Life drawing is an area of mystery for many of my learners so I thought I would write a post about it.  The trend I’ve noticed is that after attending a beginners drawing or painting course for a while some learners like the idea of drawing the figure and doing life drawing.  Life drawing doesn’t often attract so many complete beginners because it is daunting to so many.  Many of my learners don’t really know what a life drawing class looks like, so I will offer a few tips from my experiences of them.

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