4 Painting Techniques for Beginners

First of all you might be wondering what is a painting technique?  I  thought I would explain as many of my learners get confused about what they are and what media they can be used in.

A painting technique means a way of using the paint – applying it or removing it, to create a desired visual effect.  There are lots of painting techniques you can use, some are general techniques that you might use with any paint media (watercolour, acrylics or oils) and some are designed to be used with one type of media (or are more effective with this type of media).

It can be really confusing when you hear names of techniques and have no idea that they are.  With this in mind I will go through the most basic ones that you might try as a beginner:

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What is Sgraffito?

I was using this technique long before I learnt the name of it.  Sgraffito is a drawing technique where a sharp tool is used scratch into a surface to produce drawings with fine lines.

Sometimes sgraffito is used as a painting technique as well and this is how I have used it.  For example you could be painting a portrait and use sgraffito to add some precise detail to the hair.  You could apply for example a light layer of paint on a dark ground/background then scratch into the wet paint.

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