What Type of Paper Do I Need?

This will depend on the type of media you are using (pencil, watercolour, acrylics etc.). Paper is important because if the surface is designed for your media then the results will be better.  The range of papers available is vast and it can be a bit bewildering in the art stores to know what paper is for what.  There are several factors to consider; paper weight, paper texture, paper colour and paper size.

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What are Oils?

Oil paints are a joy to use because they have a ‘buttery’ consistency that blends extremely well.  They feel smooth to move around on a canvas or board.  You can easily build up layers and create very rich colours.

Oils can be a challenging media for beginners because of the time it takes for them to dry.  Another area of confusion is the use of solvents (white spirit and turpentine). Water can not be used with oils so mixing, diluting and cleaning brushes all has to done with white spirit or turpentine.

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