Should I Take My Sketchpad on Holiday?

I asked myself this very question as I was packing for my holiday earlier this summer.  For me it was a simple answer, yes. This was because I was going on an art holiday!  However in the past I haven’t always travelled with my sketchpad, in this post I want to describe the benefits as I see them of taking a sketchpad on holiday with you…

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What are the Essential Materials for Beginners?



When you start learning to draw and paint you can be totally overwhelmed by all the range of materials out there.  There is so much choice, which is great but where do you start?

Some of my learners have rushed out and spent a fortune purchasing so many materials which they then aren’t sure what to do with or don’t like using.

My advice would be start with the ‘essentials’ there are certain materials that in my view all artists need.  This is a personal list, so it will vary for each of us, but here is my list of my essential materials:

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