What are Ellipses?

Ellipses are notoriously difficult to represent but I can share a few tips that can help make them easier.  An ellipse is a collapsed circle and we have to draw and paint them often in still life.  Jugs, vases, cups, mugs, bowls all have ellipses.

The way we see the collapsed circle depends on where our eyes are:

Ellipses from different viewpoints
Ellipses from different viewpoints

Take notice of where your eyes are, are you looking down on the ellipse, is it at eye level or above?

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How Do I Plan a Still Life?

A word ‘still life’ means painting or drawing inanimate objects (things that are not living).  Still life is often seen as dull, but it is important when you are learning to draw. I think still life is the best place to start if you are a beginner because the items don’t move and you  have some choice of how difficult to make a still life.

There are all sorts of challenges in any still life such as shape, proportions, texture, viewpoints and you can draw from real life.  Therefore still life is really good for developing observational drawing skills.

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