Charlotte – Japan   –    6 Sessions – Online tuition

My nine-year-old daughter greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from Rebecca’s lessons! We did a series of one-on-one classes which taught real observational drawing (i.e. copying objects from real life) techniques, but in a fun way that was adapted for children–use of negative space/outlines, looking at and sketching objects from different angles, and shading. I wondered initially how online teaching would work and whether my child could stay focused, but was very impressed by Rebecca’s use of the webcam to instruct and offer feedback; my daughter’s attention was captured right to the end and she loved doing the drawing exercises. 

 Most art studios offer observational drawing lessons only for adults; children tend to get “kids’ art classes” which involve splashing the paint around or doing crafts–wonderful activities for children, but usually not involving much actual instruction (and as children get older they often start to find such classes a bit babyish). It’s very hard to find “proper” drawing lessons for older kids (age 9 through early teens) that teach real techniques but in a child-friendly way, and yet so many kids this age are longing to take their artistic skills to the next level and produce works that they can truly feel proud of. Rebecca’s classes really filled this need for us! 

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