If you have attended one of my courses or workshop and you are happy to share some positive feedback please Contact Me

“This course gave me the foundation I needed in drawing skills and the confidence to start painting” – Sandy

“Rebecca is very knowledgeable, she told us all about the materials and what to use for what.  I didn’t have a clue before” – Keith

“I haven’t looked back since! I love it!” – Liz

“It was daunting at first, I was worried about joining a class but the confidence I gained in ten weeks was amazing” – Steve

“I was going through a tough time with a bereavement in the family, this course was the start of something for me.  Art has changed my life for the better”- Pauline

“Just plain fun! Total ‘me’ time!” – Christine

“Rebecca has a lot of patience with complete beginners like me! She gave me time and explained everything so well” – Margaret

“I have wanted to explore my creative side all my life.  Once I retired I joined Rebecca’s Beginners course and learnt so much.  I only regret leaving it so long!” – Dana

“I’d been trying to learn from books for years, I learnt more in ten weeks than ever before.  I’d  recommend joining a class” – Mike

“I loved the course, so helpful and it has given me the confidence to go on to do more, thank you” – Penny

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